Kôichi Saitô

  • Kôichi Saitô – Yadonashi AKA The Homeless (1974)

    Kôichi Saitô1971-1980AdventureCrimeJapan
    Yadonashi (1974)
    Yadonashi (1974)

    he Japanese remake of Robert Enrico’s french film The Last Adventure, where Alain Delon & Lino Ventura have respectively exchanged their place with Ken Takakura & Shintaro Katsu… This version also stars Meiko Kaji (Lady Snowblood) and Noboru Ando (many yakuza films).

    The Homeless follows the story of two prisoners released the same day, who meets again at the brothel where they help a prostitute to escape from yakuza. And together, they go treasure hunting.Read More »

  • Kôichi Saitô – Tsugaru jongarabushi AKA Tsugaru Folksong (1973)

    1971-1980ArthouseAsianJapanKôichi Saitô

    BAM/PFA (Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive) wrote:
    In this film of the furusato genre, Isako Nakazato returns to the Tsugaru fishing village where she grew up, bringing with her Iwashiro, a gangster who has been marked for a hit. The two decide to start a new life together in the village, learning from the wisdom of the fishermen, the blind musicians and the other villagers who have made them welcome.

    Koichi Saito has made several films on similar themes, in which his protagonists are outsiders, often criminals, seeking redemption through love and acceptance into a new community.Read More »

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