Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell

  • Kristin Thompson & David Bordwell – Film Art – An Introduction (8th ed) (2006)

    To quote Martin Scorsese, “Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.” David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson have turned Scorsese’s maxim into a career. The husband-wife team of film critics and scholars teach at the University of Wisconsin, publish books, maintain an indispensable and routinely astonishing blog, and lecture regularly at film festivals around the world. They’re strangers to the general public, but well known (if not always properly appreciated) by aficionados of film history and technique…Read More »

  • Kristin Thompson & David Bordwell – Film Art. An Introduction [6th Ed.] (2001)


    This sixth edition improves upon the fifth edition, primarily by updating many examples to reflect more recent films. Especially interesting is the array of color plates at the center of the book, which helps to make related examples even more vivid.
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