Krsto Skanata

  • Krsto Skanata – U senci magije (1955)

    1951-1960DocumentaryKrsto SkanataYugoslavia

    Krsto Skanata approached his subjects in the style of direct cinema. He tried to follow the path of the truth and make films that would reveal the essence of the problem. At the same time, he was smart enough to nuance his approach in such a way that censors would accept and approve the film. One of his first films, In the Shadow of Magic/U senci magije (1955), uncovers the deep backwardness in socialist Yugoslavia. His film First Case-a Man/Prvi padez-covek (1964) addresses the human dignity of a miner who loses his arm and has to struggle on his own. Soldier, At Ease!/Ratnice, voljno! (1966) focuses on the tragedy of a soldier who fought in the war and believed in a certain ideology that he later realised was false.Read More »

  • Krsto Skanata – Prvi padez – Covek AKA First Case – Man (1964)

    1961-1970Czech RepublicDocumentaryKrsto SkanataShort Film

    “The film has three plans: on the one hand, scenes of children who write a school task on the subject of the size and ugliness of a human being, on the other hand, the cadres of miners who protest against inhuman maltreatment of a colleague who lost his hand and on the third side, a shot of a disabled person with a prosthesis Under the arm passes through a rocky street.”Read More »

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