Lambert Hillyer

  • Lambert Hillyer – Girl from Rio (1939)

    1931-1940CrimeDramaLambert HillyerUSA

    This is a fun one, nothing very unexpected and definitely no ‘film noir,’ but if you are into a decently acted torch-songstress adventure this is a good pick. Marquita is an up-and-comer on the Rio club scene but has to back-burner her career for a trip up to New York (where nobody’s heard of her) in order to clear her dancer brother of a murder frame-up.Read More »

  • Lambert Hillyer – The Invisible Ray [+commentary] (1936)

    1931-1940HorrorLambert HillyerSci-FiUSA

    Visionary scientist Janos Rukh convinces a group of scientists and supporters to mount an expedition to the African continent to locate and study an ancient meteorite of great significance. He exposes himself to the highly toxic radiation of the meteorite, and while an antidote devised by Dr. Benet saves him from death by radiation poisoning, his naked touch causes instant death to others. Back in London, the benefits of the meteorite’s controlled radiation offer Dr. Benet an opportunity to restore eyesight to the blind. The antidote’s toxicity excites Prof. Rukh into paranoid rages as he seeks revenge against the members of his expedition, who he accuses of stealing his discovery for their own glory.Read More »

  • Lambert Hillyer – Extortion (1938)

    1931-1940Lambert HillyerMysteryUSA

    The story takes place on a college campus, where a distinctively unpopular professor is murdered. When her physics-teacher father falls under suspicion, co-ed Betty Tisdale turns to campus newspaper editor Larry Campbell. Dissatisfied with the slowness of police procedure, Betty, Larry and their fellow students conduct their own investigation, unearthing a hotbed of scholastic intrigue and double-crossing.Read More »

  • Lambert Hillyer – The Shock (1923)

    1921-1930CrimeLambert HillyerSilentUSA


    This tale of a crook’s reform takes place in the San Francisco of the early 1900s. Predictably, Lon Chaney plays a crook and a misshapen cripple (the type of role almost expected of him at this point in his career). Anne Vincent, better known as “Queen Anne” (Christine Mayo), sends Wilse Dilling (Chaney) to a small town to keep an eye on Mischa Hadley (William Welsh), an embezzling banker who is her lover. Dilling falls in love with Hadley’s daughter, Gertrude (Virginia Valli), and blows up the bank’s safe to destroy incriminating records. The blast, however, leaves Gertrude a cripple, and Dilling uses his savings to restore her to health. Queen Anne, whose greed knows no end, has told Hadley that he will either give her more money or give her his daughter. Ultimately, she has Gertrude kidnapped and taken to a Chinese den. Dilling rescues her and she helps in his regeneration. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake shakes everything up, and Dilling’s reform is complete.~Janiss Garza @allmovie.comRead More »

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