Larry Fessenden

  • Larry Fessenden – Wendigo (2001)

    Larry Fessenden2001-2010HorrorUSA

    “Wendigo” is a good movie with an ending that doesn’t work. While it was not working I felt a keen disappointment, because the rest of the movie works so well. The writer, director and editor is Larry Fessenden, whose “Habit” (1997) was about a New York college student who found solace, and too much more, in the arms of a vampire. Now Fessenden goes into the Catskills to tell a story that will be compared to “The Blair Witch Project” when it should be compared to “The Innocents.” The film builds considerable scariness, and does it in the details. Ordinary things happen in ominous ways. Kim and George (Patricia Clarkson and Jake Weber), a couple from New York, drive to the Catskills to spend a weekend in a friend’s cottage, bringing along their young son, Miles (Erik Per Sullivan). Even before they arrive, there’s trouble. They run into a deer on the road, and three hunters emerge from the woods and complain that the city people killed “their” deer–and worse, broke its antlers.Read More »

  • Larry Fessenden – Depraved (2019)

    Drama2011-2020HorrorLarry FessendenUSA

    A disillusioned field surgeon suffering from PTSD makes a man out of body parts and brings him to life in a Brooklyn loft.Read More »

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