Lasse Hallström

  • Lasse Hallström – ABBA: The Movie [+Extras] (1977)

    1971-1980AustraliaDocumentaryLasse HallströmPerformance


    Movie detailing ABBA’s mega-successful tour of Australia during mid-1977. While it mostly contains back-stage footage and as well as ABBA’s famous songssuch as Dancing Queen, Tiger, Name Of The Game and Eagle among others sung filmed during their concerts in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, it has the sub-plot of young country and western radio disc-jockey, Ashley, whose boss orders him to have a deep interview with ABBA and the problems he has trying to reach them as he forgets his press pass and ABBA’s main bodyguard, (Tom Oliver) is determined to stop him… Written by Lee HortonRead More »

  • Lasse Hallström – Mitt liv som hund AKA My Life As A Dog (1985)

    1981-1990ArthouseDramaLasse HallströmSweden

    My Life as a Dog (Mitt liv som hund) tells the story of Ingemar, a twelve-year-old from a working-class family sent to live with his uncle in a country village when his mother falls ill. There, with the help of the warmhearted eccentrics who populate the town, the boy finds both refuge from his misfortunes and unexpected adventure. Featuring an incredibly mature and unaffected performance by the young Anton Glanzelius, this film is a beloved and bittersweet evocation of the struggles and joys of childhood from Oscar-nominated director Lasse Hallström.Read More »

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