Lautaro Murúa

  • Lautaro Murúa – La Raulito (1975)

    1971-1980ArgentinaDramaLautaro MurúaQueer Cinema(s)

    La Raulito is marginalized and feels that all of her actions are called into question but cannot understand why. Is it possible that she represents something that everyone fears? (“There are tomboys… but what was that that just passed by”, people say). In any case it is curious that the places where la Raulito encounters a single friend (María Vaner) should be a cabaret [rather than ???] in jail or in her home which is dominated by an abusive husband? What the film stresses again and again is that there is no place for la Raulito in a society that imposes strict [gender] roles. Toward this end, Murúa constantly undermines any definite characterization of the sexual identity of his protagonist… a decision that respects her transgressive, defiant conditionRead More »

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