Leighton Pierce

  • Leighton Pierce – Deck (2018)

    2011-2020ExperimentalLeighton PierceShort FilmUSA

    Deck brings emphasis to the bodily experience of temporality. The principle of harmonized rhythm underpins all of Pierce’s work from the shooting (live animation) performance, to its editing and sound design, and finally in situating its reception. In all of his video and sound art, repetition and rhythm manifest the echoes and arcs of our irregular and subjective conjectures of time.Read More »

  • Leighton Pierce – White Ash (2014)

    2011-2020ExperimentalLeighton PierceUSA


    WHITE ASH is an immersive walk through the edges of consciousness. While firmly grounded in recognizable images and sounds captured from reality, WHITE ASH is designed to scrape through the patina of normal day to day perception, leading to an embodied associational state, something ‘to the side’ of our familiar narratives and perceptions. Pierce meticulously eaves the warp and weft of image and sound to gently lead the viewer into this very conscious yet meditative state. Beginning with the shooting and then the animation of thousands of moving camera, hand held, long exposure digital still photographs into abstractions actual space and events, Pierce then re-articulates and re-contextualizes the video by applying the lever of his judiciously and intentionally composed concrete-music soundtrack.Read More »

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