Leonardo Di Cesare

  • Leonardo Di Cesare – Buena vida (Delivery) aka Good Life Delivery (2004)

    Leonardo Di Cesare2001-2010ArgentinaComedyDrama
    Buena vida (Delivery) (2004)
    Buena vida (Delivery) (2004)

    This film, the first in De Cesare career, remember me on “Brutti, sporchi e cattivi” one of the greatest Scola films. It’s a simply history of two young people of a suburban place in Buenos Aires. A simply “boy meets girl” one. But the family of the girl came to town and the plot developed to a “grotesco”. The situations are growing to a intense drama and black comedy. De Cesare make the film so transparent, so simply and put his look on characters and relationships. He made it with a naturalist view, and a lot of great actor’s works. Ignacio Toselli simplify the work and “Venancio” make me remember to Nino Manfredi in Scola’s films. The script by De Cesare and Hans Garrino is simple and perfect at the same time. This film win the 19th Mar del Plata film Festival in Best film and best script.Read More »

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