Leonardo Di Cesare

  • Leonardo Di Cesare – Buena vida (Delivery) aka Good Life Delivery (2004)


    This black comedy is about average people who live in Buenos Aires and are having a hard time making a living.

    In the beginning, Hernán (Ignacio Toselli) helps his brother and his wife get ready for a their big move to Spain. His parents are forced to leave Argentina in order to escape the ravages of the country’s economic crisis.
    Ignacio Toselli as Hernán..

    Hernán is left alone in the Buenos Aires suburbs. He works at an agency delivering messages on a small motorcycle. One day, at a gas station, he meets Pato (Mariana Anghileri), an attractive woman working the pumps. Hernán invites Pato to rent the room his brother vacated.

    Pato is a mysterious young woman. She realizes Hernán likes her and she decides to go along in returning his advances.

    Yet, Hernán is quite surprised when he comes home one night. Pato’s parents and her young daughter have moved in without giving Hernán a warning. The father, Venancio (Oscar Nuñez), a slick character, thanks Hernán, who thinks the move-in is temporary.Read More »

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