Leonardo Favio

  • Leonardo Favio – El romance del Aniceto y la Francisca (1967)

    1961-1970ArgentinaDramaLeonardo Favio

    Aniceto is used to being lonely. When Francisca offers him her true love, his personal limitations and little miseries arise.Read More »

  • Leonardo Favio – Gatica, el mono AKA Gatica, the Monkey (1993)

    Drama1991-2000ArgentinaLeonardo Favio

    The story of Jose Maria Gatica, better known as Gatica el Mono, Argentina’s main boxing star during the 1940s and 50s.

    It won the Silver Condor for Best Film. The film was selected as the Argentine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 66th Academy Awards, but Leonardo Favio asked the Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía (INC) to remove it as a nominee in order to protest in delays of the Congress’ approval of the Foreign Films taxes.Read More »

  • Leonardo Favio – Aniceto (2008)

    2001-2010ArgentinaLeonardo FavioMusicalRomance

    Leonardo Favio´s long awaited return to the movies was a triumph. On August 3rd, the Argentinean Film Journalists Association gave the Condor Awards to the 2008 local film production, and Aniceto, Favio´s latest film, got 9 out of the 11 statues it had been nominated for.

    A musical remake of his own previous film “Éste es el romance del Aniceto y la Francisca…” (This is the romance of Aniceto and Francisca…), the movie won the awards for Best Film, Best Director (Leonardo Favio), Best Adapted Screenplay (Favio and others, based on Jorge Zuhair Jury´s short story), Best New Actor (Hernán Piquín), Best Cinematography (Alejandro Giuliani), Best Editing (Paola Amor), Best Sound and Music (Iván Wyszogrod), and Best Art Direction (Andrés Echebeste).Read More »

  • Leonardo Favio – Juan Moreira (1973)

    1971-1980ActionArgentinaDramaLeonardo Favio

    AllMovie wrote:
    In this amazing and complex Argentine historical drama, much of the true story of the 19th-century assassin Juan Moreira comes to the screen. At the time of its release, this Argentine film was the most popular locally made film ever to be shown there. Juan Moreira was a popular folk hero on a par with Billy the Kid in the U.S., and many stories and songs have been written about him over the years. In the movie, the innocent herdsman Moreira (Rodolfo Beban) is thrown into jail at the behest of an important cattle-baron. He emerges from jail a changed man. After killing the cattleman who had him sent to jail, he at first hides among a tribe of native peoples then moves into a brothel.Read More »

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