Leslie Arliss

  • Leslie Arliss – Miss Tulip Stays the Night (1955)

    1951-1960ComedyCrimeLeslie ArlissUnited Kingdom

    In MISS TULIP STAYS THE NIGHT, a writer and his wife are sleeping peacefully in their beds when a mysterious woman shows up, gives the writer her gun, also hands him some jewels and asks for a place to sleep. Unfortunately, someone murders her during the night and the author is accused of the crime. In THE GREAT GAME James Hayter plays the chairman of a British football club. Hayter’s fondness for gambling results in his involvement with the criminal element. As a result, he becomes mixed up in a few underhanded business deals.Read More »

  • Leslie Arliss – A Man About the House (1947)

    1941-1950DramaLeslie ArlissUnited Kingdom

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    Agnes and Ellen Isit, two poor English sisters, unexpectedly inherit from their uncle a rich estate near Naples, complete with big villa and manly Italian majordomo. The latter, Salvatore, makes use of his Latin charm to seduce Agnes, who soon turns from prim spinster to passionate lover. Ellen observes the romance with amusement first before realizing how little considerate Salvatore becomes after marrying Agnes. Worse, Agnes’s health starts deteriorating. Worried about her sister, she contacts Dr. Ben Dench, a family friend…Read More »

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