Leslie H. Martinson

  • Leslie H. Martinson – Black Gold (1962)

    Wealth, power, women: all belong to whoever fights his way to black gold! A Who’s-Who of ‘60s TV favorites stars in in a brawling tale of wildcatters in the oilfields of Oklahoma.Read More »

  • Leslie H. Martinson – FBI Code 98 (1963)

    Robert Cannon (Jack Kelly), Fred Vitale (Ray Danton) and Alan Nichols (Andrew Duggan), three men vital to America’s missile program, are en route to Cape Canaveral when a bomb is discovered in a suitcase. Defused by Vitale, the device is turned over to the FBI, which takes charge of the investigation. Assigned to determine if it’s a case of sabotage or attempted murder, Inspector Leroy Gifford (Philip Carey) and his squad race to track down the bomber before he can strike again.Read More »

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