Lev Kalman

  • Whitney Horn & Lev Kalman – L for Leisure (2014)

    Whitney Horn2011-2020ComedyLev KalmanUSA

    L for Leisure is a comedy following a group of graduate students across 10 vacations in 1992 – 3 all around the world as they embark on a series of minor adventures: athletic, chemical, cultural and sexual. With a low-fi 16mm style that recalls 90s television, home videos and underground comic books, L FOR LEISURE is a unique piece of deeply independent filmmaking, reveling in excesses of both lush beauty and awkward humor.Read More »

  • Whitney Horn & Lev Kalman – Two Plains & a Fancy (2018)

    2011-2020ComedyExperimentalLev KalmanUSAWhitney Horn

    Described on its Kickstarter page as “..a satirical, experimental “Spa Western” set in Colorado in 1893”.

    The narrative follows a group of 3 women who travel around the landscapes and strange towns of 1890s Colorado, originally looking for natural springs, but with various absurdist detours and side-tracks.

    Not in popular taste or catering to a common sense of humour – as reported in the Hollywood Reporter:Read More »

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