Lev Kulidzhanov

  • Lev Kulidzhanov – Kogda derevya byli bolshimi AKA When the Trees Were Tall (1961)

    Lev Kulidzhanov1961-1970DramaRomanceUSSR

    World War II veteran Kuzma Kuzmich Iordanov has become a heavy drinker with no interest in finding employment of any kind. He joins a collective farm, claiming to be the father of Natasha, a resident there, and is forced to analyze his life when he finds himself falling in love.Read More »

  • Lev Kulidzhanov – Prestuplenie i nakazanie AKA Crime and Punishment (1969)

    Drama1961-1970CrimeLev KulidzhanovUSSR


    Plot Synopsis
    This Russian adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment packs nearly every pivotal event from the mammoth novel into its 200 minute running time. Georgi Taratorkin stars as Raskolnikov, the impressionable student who believes himself to be above the law-and commits murder to prove his theory. Innokenti Smoktunovskiy, best known for his brilliant interpretation of the title character in the Russian Hamlet (1964), costars as police inspector Porfiry, who humbly but diligently wears down Raskolnikov’s alibi. Most cinemadaptations of Crime and Punishment end with the protagonist’s arrest; this one retains Dostoyevsky’s lengthy post-prison epilogue, in which Raskolnikov learns at long last how to be a human being.

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