Lisa Aschan

  • Lisa Aschan – Det vita folket (2015)

    2011-2020DramaLisa AschanSci-FiSweden


    Variety wrote:
    Swedish director Lisa Aschan decided to follow up her critically acclaimed film “She Monkeys” with “White People,” which she describes as “a space odyssey inspired by ‘The Shining.’” The story follows a group of people who are kidnapped from the street and held hostage in an underground prison to await deportation. Will they escape? What will be the cost of freedom? The thriller opens up a discussion about universal themes of power and hierarchy.Read More »

  • Lisa Aschan – Apflickorna AKA She Monkeys (2011)

    2011-2020DramaLisa AschanSweden


    She Monkeys is about the art of survival. We follow 15 year old Emma, her seven year old little sister Sara, and Emma’s newfound friend, Cassandra. Emma and Cassandra meet at the vaulting club. They initiate a relationship filled with physical and psychological challenges. Emma does whatever it takes to master the rules of the game. Lines are crossed and the stakes get higher and higher. Despite this, Emma can’t resist the intoxicating feeling of total control.Read More »

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