Audrius Stonys – Apostle of ruins (1993)

While shooting “Tree days” (director Sarunas Bartas) I met Georgian Alexander Oboladze. We lived in the same hotel room. From restaurants and parties tycoon he became completely single. For me strange is the situation then man is stranded away from homeland but haven’t lost his mentality, language; just like exotic tree grown up in Lithuania. He was wandering around Vilnius old town, knew every corner and basement of it like no one else. He was looking and finding lost time, things left by other men and creating from it his own unique world. Read More »

Audrius Stonys – Harbour (1998)

About the movie

While shooting “Flying over blue field” we lived in Bir�tonas sanatorium hotel. I was watching treatment procedures. People were plunging into bubble, mud and mineral water baths. They were going circles singing, were standing under cold water spouts. All this seemed like a sacred ritual, that frees from scurf of life. They were naked, like just born, without any signs of standing in society. Movie – silent impression about tired people “harbour”..(taken from his website Read More »

Audrius Stonys – Earth of the blind (1992)

About the movie
– Film was formed from at least three single ideas. Story about cow which is being lead to butchery. Second story is about simple joys, about climbing hill and going down by disabled carriage. Third story is about blind. All these stories have joined intuitively in somekind of irrational way. Big eyes of cows mingled blind people eyes.(taken from his website Read More »

Audrius Stonys – Open the door to him, who comes (1989)

About the movie

– To make this film was very old dream. Shooting was started in 1988, it was before gaining independence. Only being of father Stanislovas was something incredible these days. Unlocked doors from his barn where were stored priceless reliquaries, books. Not locked church with artworks inside. Unconditional trust… It impressed not only me. (taken from his website Read More »

Audrius Stonys – Fedia. three inutes after the big bang (1999)

About the movie
Fedia – man living in little yellow house next to Gariūnai marketplace. To him life seems simple, completely transparent and without any hidden truths. Cosmic problems are far away from him. Next to him is world, where lives astrophysics manipulating with numbers, which are so big that do not have names. These two worlds exist next to each other..(taken from his website Read More »

Audrius Stonys & Arunas Matelis – Skrydis per Lietuva arba 510 sekundziu tylos AKA Flight Over Lithuania Or 510 Seconds Of Silence (2000)


“Flight over Lithuania” was made for the international exhibition EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Germany. The film features an incredibly low angel’s flight over the dunes of Nida, Trakai castle, the lakes of Auk­taitija (Highlands), the roofs of the Old Town of Vilnius and the fantastically beautiful church steeples. It’s like a mystical gliding just above the treetops, meadows covered by early morning mist, as well as the narrow streets of Vilnius. Read More »

Raimundas Banionis – Vaikai is Amerikos Viesbucio aka Kids From American Hotel (1990)


Movie about the Lithuanian teenagers of the 1970s

The movie is interesting to watch as it shows the young teenagers of the soviet Lithuania in the 1970s who cherish ideas of hippies, dream of Woodstock, Rolling Stones and try to avoid bad things brought by the Soviet system.

The teenagers manage to have different lifestyle, stand for the ideas of the independent Lithuania, and freedom to listen and avoid traps of the KGB. Read More »