Luc de Heusch

  • Luc de Heusch – Dotremont-les-logogrammes AKA Dotremont – the Logograms (1972)

    Luc de Heusch1971-1980BelgiumDocumentaryShort Film
    Dotremont les logogrammes (1972)
    Dotremont les logogrammes (1972)

    From DVD booklet:
    Right from the opening credits we come into contact with logograms, starting with the place where this desire to write was fantastically formed, inspired by the love Dotremont has for Gloria, the woman of his life for whom he invented this new poetic form. Throughout the film the camera records the position of the body, the hands, the progress of the ink, the birth of his visual poems, right up to the burning that awaits those that are not perfect. With the fictional reconstruction of a morning’s work, ‘Pension pluie de roses, Tervueren, Belgique’, the film also gives an account of a morning like any other, one that summarises all of them: the confinement of an ill man, connected to the world by a huge amount of correspondence, infinite telephone calls, an accumulation of papers, books, souvenirs from travels, with Lapland, a mythical place, ever present. A Lapp song, Dotremont’s gravelly voice, that of a correspondent, Gloria maybe, emphasize what the image shows, the creative effort during ‘Proust-like’ declining years that are confined and feverish.Read More »

  • Luc de Heusch – Michel De Ghelderode (1957)

    Documentary1951-1960BelgiumLuc de HeuschShort Film

    From DVD booklet:
    After Perséphone, his first film which he describes as “an experimental, mythological poem” and shoots under the pseudonym Luc Zangrie, he makes a portrait of playwright Michel de Ghelderode together with his friend Jean Raine. It introduces us to the world of a creator obsessed with and fascinated by death. If biographic references are present, they are only there in order to place the writer in the right setting: nostalgia for Bruges and Flanders, solitary wanders through a backward-looking, legendary Brussels. Ghelderode’s gravelly voice is the leitmotiv of the film, which focuses on rehearsals of his plays at the Théâtre de Poche and with the puppets of the Théâtre Royal de Toone. We accompany him into his study, a place of dreams and fantasy, full of baroque objects that define his world.Read More »

  • Luc de Heusch – Gestes du repas (1958)

    1951-1960BelgiumDocumentaryLuc de HeuschPhilosophy

    Luc De Heusch – Les gestes du repas (1958)
    1958. 35 mm., black and white, 23′.

    Les Gestes du repas (Mealtime Gestures),
    This ethnographic film shows us the image of man at his table. An acute view of Belgium.Read More »

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