Luciano Salce

  • Luciano Salce – Le ore dell’amor AKA The Hours of Love (1963)

    Luciano Salce1961-1970ComedyItalyRomance
    Le ore dell'amor (1963)
    Le ore dell’amor (1963)

    Gianni and Maretta live for three years a relationship that sees them happily in love. The decision to get married radically changes their lives, impacting negatively on their relationship. Cohabitation and daily routine stifle their passion and restrict the cultivation of their respective interests, fatally distant and irreconcilable.

    After clumsy attempts at betrayal, they both realize that mutual love is not gone, but it’s just suffocated by forced cohabitation, and so they save their relationship by resuming the menage as an engaged couple, made of amorous encounters that enrich their lives, but lived far apart, each one at his house.Read More »

  • Mauro Bolognini, Mario Monicelli, Antonio Pietrangeli, Luciano Salce – Le fate aka The Queens (1966)

    Mauro Bolognini1961-1970Antonio PietrangeliComedyCommedia all'ItalianaItalyLuciano SalceMario Monicelli
    Le fate (1966)
    Le fate (1966)

    The Four Queenly Virtues are Constancy, Fidelity, Chastity and Honor.

    Four unrelated short comedies by four different directors. “Queen Sabina”chronicles the sexual misadventures of a teenage girl on the road home. “Queen Armenia” centers on a self-serving opportunistic gypsy babysitter who uses her employer’s kids for her own gain. The third episode, “Queen Elena” centers on a husband who learns a lesson about the perils of infidelity after he succumbs to the wiles of the seductive wife next door. The last vignette, “Queen Marta” centers on a wealthy woman who, when drunk, uses her butler as an outlet for her lust.Read More »

  • Luciano Salce – Let’s See It Clear AKA Vediamoci chiaro (1984) (HD)

    1981-1990ComedyItalyLuciano Salce

    Alberto is a promising young man who plans to succeed with a new television programme, “We see it clearly”. In an accident, he loses his sight, but he relies on the help of his good friend Gianluca to carry on with the programme.Read More »

  • Luciano Salce – Il federale AKA The Fascist (1961)

    1961-1970ComedyItalyLuciano SalceWar

    1944. Primo Arcovazzi, a fanatic member of Brigate Nere (fascist organization), is in charge to bring an opponent to the regime, Prof. George Wilson, from Abruzzo to Roma. He accepted the mandate because of his wish to be upgraded to “Federale”. They travel by a sidecar trough the disastrous Italy, near to the final collapse, under bombings and in agony. Nevertheless the bad situation, they manage to build up a kind of friendship. Primo, even if the signals of final destruction are near, doesn’t lose his trust in the regime. The end is near.Read More »

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