Luigi Cozzi

  • Luigi Cozzi – Contamination (1980)

    1971-1980HorrorItalyLuigi CozziSci-Fi

    Great and very gory film about an organization trafficking in green egg-shaped alien life forms. But don’t be fooled cause these are no ordinary future martian omlets; quite the opposite, these eggs, once they get exposed to a certain amount of heat, explode as insanely volatile acid bombs. The fluids they secrete, when they come into contact with living beings, cause them to literally explode from the inside out after only moments of exposure.Read More »

  • Luigi Cozzi – L’Assassino è costretto ad uccidere ancora AKA The Killer Must Kill Again (1975)

    1971-1980GialloItalyLuigi CozziThriller

    Giorgio is a greedy adulterer who makes a deal with a serial killer to dispose of his wealthy wife, Nora. Unfortunately, a thrill-seeking young couple steal the killer’s car with Nora’s corpse in the trunk, ending up at a run-down seaside villa.Read More »

  • Luigi Cozzi – Blood on Méliès’ Moon (2016)

    2011-2020FantasyHorrorItalyLuigi Cozzi

    For his first narrative feature in 27 years, the legendary Luigi Cozzi (PAGANINI HORROR, THE BLACK CAT) wrote, directed and stars as himself in this insane supernatural sci-fi splatter mystery: When an obsessive fan’s visit triggers a brutal murder in Luigi’s Profondo Rosso store/museum, Cozzi’s phantasmagoric freakout will include vanished inventors, alternate dimensions, cursed books, lost films, bizarre pajamas and his own reputation as ‘the Italian Ed Wood’, with appearances by Lamberto Bava, Barbara Magnolfi (SUSPIRIA), screenwriter Antonio Tentori (CAT IN THE BRAIN), best-selling author Giulio Leoni and Dario Argento.Read More »

  • Luigi Cozzi – Hercules (1983)

    1981-1990AdventureFantasyItalyLuigi CozziThe Cannon Group

    The strongest man on Earth … in a super-adventure odyssey.

    The incredible Lou Ferrigno steps into the sandals of the most durable demigod in myth and motion pictures: Hercules!

    With the strength of an army, our hero battles the forces of darkness in one unbelievable exploit after another. From bloodthirsty bears and loathsome reptiles to giant robots and laser beams, he stands tall against all who oppose him in his battle against the nefarious Minos (William Berger). But even the mighty Hercules himself may not be impervious to the bewitching charms of Sybil Danning in the role of the seductive and sultry Adriana (and can you blame him?).Read More »

  • Luigi Cozzi – La porta sul buio: Il vicino di casa AKA Door Into Darkness: The Neighbor [+ Extras] (1973)

    1971-1980GialloHorrorItalyLuigi Cozzi

    Luca and Stefania are a young couple with a baby who move into a remote seaside apartment late at night. Unbeknownst to the couple, the neighbor who lives upstairs has just murdered his wife.Read More »

  • Luigi Cozzi – Paganini Horror (1989)

    1981-1990HorrorItalyLuigi Cozzi


    A female rock group rents a haunted Venetian mansion in which the infamous Italian violinist Nicolo Paganini supposedly sold his soul to the Devil for fame and fortune. The group plans on making a horror/music video based on the story of Paganini using a cursed piece of his music entitled “Paganini Horror”. Once this music is played the laws of time and space break down and the masked Paganini returns from his grave to slaughter the model girls with his spiked violin.Read More »

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