Luigi Vanzi

  • Luigi Vanzi – Un Dollaro tra i denti AKA A Stranger In Town (1967)

    1961-1970Euro WesternsItalyLuigi VanziWestern

    From iMDB:
    There are few films that can demonstrate in a nutshell what spaghetti westerns are about. The particular strength of “Un dollaro tra i denti” is that everything that isn’t required was stripped off. Here you get the basic ingredients straight in your face: a mysterious stranger (Tony Anthony) arrives in a town. He is not a hero – his only motivation is money, and he offers the villain (Frank Wolff) a deal. After the deal isn’t kept, i.e. the money isn’t shared, the stranger will have his revenge. Nobody talks very much, the first minutes are without any dialogue at all. The musical theme is returning again and again, supplying the feeling that whatever is going to happen will be inevitable. Doomed to die with his boots on, Wolff may fire as many bullets with his machine-gun on Anthony as he likes, there’s no escape…Read More »

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