Luke Fowler

  • Luke Fowler – To the Editor of Amateur Photographer (2014)

    Luke Fowler2011-2020DocumentaryExperimentalUnited Kingdom
    To the Editor of Amateur Photographer (2014)
    To the Editor of Amateur Photographer (2014)

    Luke Fowler and Mark Fell’s new film revolves around the testimonies and collected documents linked to the complex and often contested history of Pavilion, Europe’s first feminist photography centre. To the editor of Amateur Photographer examines a radical shift in photography whilst also foregrounding the problems of presenting history through archival fragments and personal recollections.Operating out of former park premises in Leeds, Pavilion was formed in 1983 with the stated aim of being the first photography centre dedicated to representing and supporting the production of women’s photography. Against a backdrop of heightened social, political and economic conflicts, the Pavilion set about turning the prevailing patriarchal image culture inside-out. ~LUXRead More »

  • Luke Fowler – Cézanne (2019)

    2011-2020ExperimentalLuke FowlerUnited Kingdom

    Shot in and around the studio and garden of the painter Paul Cézanne in Aix en provence and also on the mountain Saint Victoire; the focus of a long running series of paintings made between 1882-1906. Soundtrack by Toshiya Tsunoda.Read More »

  • Luke Fowler – Jarman Award 2008 (2008)

    2001-2010ExperimentalLuke FowlerShort FilmUnited Kingdom


    As the winning artist of the 2008 Film London Jarman Award, Luke Fowler was commissioned to produce four short films for 3 Minute Wonder, Channel 4s shorts strand.

    The four films premiered on Channel 4 over four consecutive nights in April 2009. Entitled, Anna, Helen, David and Lester, they are a series of portraits of four diverse individuals brought together through a shared residence – a flat in a Victorian tenement in the West End of Glasgow. Composer: Lee PattersonRead More »

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