Man-hui Lee

  • Man-hui Lee – Hyuil AKA A Day Off (1968)

    1961-1970ArthouseDramaMan-hui LeeSouth Korea

    It is a Sunday in late winter. Church bells ring as Huh-wook sets off to meet his sweetheart Jee-yun. Huh-wook, who cannot afford to start a family, goes off to meet his friends to get money for an abortion for Jee-yun. But he instead ends up stealing from a friend when no one wants to lend him money. The doctor recommends an abortion for Jee-yun because she’s ill. Huh-wook leaves the hospital and has a drink, then visits a bar and a roadside bar with a woman he meets in a salon. Completely intoxicated, Huh-wook makes love to her in a construction site but comes to his senses at the sound of church bells ringing and runs back to the hospital. He arrives to discover that Jee-yun has died during the surgery and goes to tell her father, only to be turned away at the doorstep. Then the friend whose money he had stolen catches him and beats him up. Blood streaming down his face, he runs down the dark streets and reminisces about the happy times he had with Jee-yun.Read More »

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