Manuel Mur Oti

Manuel Mur Oti – Cielo negro AKA Black Sky (1951) (HD)

A woman who works as employee in a fashion store has to care for her ill mother. At the same time she falls in love with a bohemian man. Read More »

Manuel Mur Oti – Cielo negro AKA Black Sky (1951)


Emilia, a modest employee of a fashion house, is in love and does not hesitate to steal your business suit to accompany her boyfriend to the festival. But everything goes wrong, discovered the theft, is fired from her job and that’s not the worst.

Mur Oti was born in Vigo in 1908, the son of a prison warden who struck lucky in the spirits business and moved the family to Cuba when Manuel was 13. There the young Mur Oti developed strong relationships with his mother and two sisters, and learned to work the land as a cowboy. The former would come to influence his powerful, fully rounded women characters throughout his filmography; the latter fed into his depiction of the extremity of the Castilian climate in Orgullo – essentially a Spanish western. Read More »

Manuel Mur Oti – El batallón de las sombras (1957)

In a tenement, men and women fight in the same trench of a gray battle. Their dreams, their passions, their problems and hopes are the same for hundreds of millions of people who are struggling to make their way to happiness. Read More »