Marcel Camus

Marcel Camus – Orfeu Negro AKA Black Orpheus [+Extras] (1959)

Screen: Legend Retold; ‘Black Orpheus’ Bows at the Plaza
Published: December 22, 1959

ALL tangled up in the madness of a Rio de Janeiro carnival, full of intoxicating samba music, frenzied dancing and violent costumes, the Frenchman Marcel Camus presents us a melancholy tale in his color film, “Black Orpheus” (“Orfeu Negro”), which came to the Plaza yesterday. Read More »

Marcel Camus – Os Pastores da Noite AKA Othalia de Bahia (1975)


The last theatrical film by Marcel Camus based on the identically named novel by Jorge Amado. Set in Bahia, the film presents three interconnected stories set amongst prostitutes, cardsharpers, pimps, drunks and homeless Don Juans and Messalinas in the teeming life of a tropical port. Read More »