Marcell Jankovics

Marcell Jankovics – Ének a csodaszarvasról AKA Song of the Miraculous Hind (2002)

Divided into four sections, “Song” is inspired by the Siberian and Finno-Ugric legends about Creation, in which the world begins with characters who are only half-human, one being half-bird, the other half-bear. Read More »

Marcell Jankovics – Az ember tragédiája AKA The Tragedy of Man (2011)

“The Tragedy of Man (Hungarian: Az ember tragédiája) written by Imre Madách was first published in 1861. The play is considered one of the major works in Hungarian literature and has earned a place in the national consciousness in that it is not only performed regularly in Hungary today but dialogue from the piece is often quoted and referred to.

Starting with the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the three main characters; Adam, Eve and Lucifer travels through history, playing their roles, from Ancient Egypt through the nineteenth century, into a distant and uncertain future. In each era the merits of the human race are presented by Adam, who believes in mankind and human achievement. But it is Lucifer, as the role of his servant or confidant, who exposes his dreams as ones built on injustice and misery.
Eve appears often as a temporary restorative for Adams disappointment in the failures of mankind. Read More »