Marco Bellocchio

Marco Bellocchio – L’uomo dal Fiore in Bocca AKA The Man with the Flower in His Mouth (1993)

From RaiPlay:
“L’uomo dal Fiore in Bocca”, a single act by Luigi Pirandello staged for the first time in 1922, is one of the most intense plays by the great Nobel prize-winning playwright. It’s a dialogue at a coffee station between a man with a tumor and a dull and indifferent customer. The director of this difficult television adaptation of 1993 of the play by Pirandello is Marco Bellocchio, while the protagonist is Michele Placido, flanked by Antonino Bellomo. Read More »

Marco Bellocchio – Enrico IV (1984)

The story begins at a medieval dressing party. A man, dressed as the King Enrico IV, falls from his horse and hits his head. This causes him serious lesions and gets insane, believing he is really the King Read More »

Marco Bellocchio – Il Sogno della Farfalla AKA The Dream of the Butterfly (1994)

The third and final collaboration between Marco Bellocchio and controversial pyschotherapist Massimo Faggioli following Il Diavolo in Corpo (1986) and La Condanna (1991). Despite being selected as an official entry in Cannes, some award nominations (which it won for its cinematography) and admiration in a few quarters, the film was condemned by the majoriry of critics who lamented Bellocchio’s talents being wasted by the pretentious Faggioli. Usually considered Bellocchio’s worst film, Il Sogno della Farfalla is undeniably well made and does contain some haunting imagery. Read More »

Marco Bellocchio – Vacanze in Val Trebbia (1980)

Documentary-fiction about the director and his family’s holiday in his homeland. The journey is a means to confront the past, memories, one’s own origins, but it is also the radiography of an era.
A semi-unknown masterpiece by Marco Bellocchio Read More »

Marco Bellocchio – Gli occhi, la bocca AKA The Eyes, The Mouth (1982)

Burned-out, over-the-hill actor Giovanni returns to Bologna for the funeral of his twin, Pippo, a wealthy suicide unlucky in love. The family tells Pippo’s mother it was an accident, but there’s a problem: Vanda, Pippo’s one-time fiancée, won’t grieve and refuses to come to the funeral. At a family dinner, Vanda talks about the note Peppo left. Again the family tries to keep mom in the dark. They assign Giovanni to persuade Vanda to keep up appearances. He sees her unhappy relationship with her father, who suspects her of sleeping with a doctor. Why she sees the doctor, how Giovanni and she deal with their mutual attraction, and his rebirth become the film’s focus. Read More »

Marco Bellocchio – I pugni in tasca AKA Fists in the Pocket (1965) (HD)

A young man takes drastic measures to rid his dysfunctional family of its various afflictions. Read More »

Marco Bellocchio – I pugni in tasca AKA Fists in the Pocket (1965)

Tormented by twisted desires, a young man takes drastic measures to rid his grotesquely dysfunctional family of its various afflictions in this astonishing 1965 debut from Marco Bellocchio. Charged by a coolly assured style, shocking perversity, and savage gallows humor, Fists in the Pocket (I pugni in tasca) was a gleaming ice pick in the eye of bourgeois family values and Catholic morality, a truly unique work that continues to rank as one of the great achievements of Italian cinema. Read More »