María Lidón

  • María Lidón – Yo puta AKA Whore AKA The Life (2004)

    2001-2010DramaEroticaMaría LidónSpain

    AMG: Based on the best-selling novel by Isabel Pisano, Spanish actress-turned-director Maria “Luna” Lidon’s The Life offers an intimate glimpse into the experiences of male and female prostitutes in a variety of culturally diverse settings including Budapest, Madrid, Paris, and Las Vegas. Dispersed among the facts are performances from Daryl Hannah, in the role of an aging thespian who has taken to supplementing her income by dabbling in the world’s oldest profession, and her neighbor (Denise Richards), an anthropology student who approaches her for help after her grant money is depleted. The Life also features Joaquim de Almeida in a supporting role.Read More »

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