Mariko Miyagi

Mariko Miyagi – Nemunoki no uta ga kikoeru AKA Mariko-Mother (1977)

Mariko-Mother is the second film in a four-part documentary film, directed depicting the children of Nemunoki Gakuen, a nursing home for the physically handicapped. It is a video poetry that spells out the daily life of the school on a beautiful screen. Read More »

Mariko Miyagi – Kodomotachi ganbare AKA Hello, Kids! (1986)

The fourth film in a four-part documentary film depicting children of a nursing home for the physically handicapped, Nemunoki Gakuen, which celebrated its 45th anniversary. Projecting friendship through music and dance between Nemoki children and New York Harlem children. Read More »

Mariko Miyagi – Niji o kakeru kodomo-tachi AKA Children Drawing Rainbows (1975)

Mariko Miyagi is back documenting the activities of disabled children from her own school, Nemunoki. This time, the whole documentary focuses itself on the powers of creativity and drawing. Read More »