Mario Azzopardi

  • Mario Azzopardi – Deadline (1980)

    1971-1980CanadaHorrorMario Azzopardi

    Deadline casts a deadly serious eye at the oft-maligned horror genre with a plot that chronicles the mental unraveling of horror author and screenwriter Steven Lessey (Stephen Young, The Clown Murders), who is under constant pressure to surpass the gruesome imagery of his previous work. With a producer hounding him for his latest script, a debilitating case of writer’s block and a university film student who accuses him of peddling “horseshit horror,” Steven’s overwhelming anxieties eventually cause him to lose his grip on reality. While trying to conceive of the most terrifying feat ever to spice up his screenplay, he begins to lapse into blood-drenched daydreams of murder and gore. As these flights of gothic fancy get more disturbing, Steven is increasingly able to ignore the turmoil ripping apart his own family—not only has his wife started having an affair, but she’s also developed a cocaine habit, and his kids have become insolent and disrespectful.Read More »

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