Mario Mattoli

Mario Mattoli – Totò al giro d’Italia AKA Totò does the Giro d’Italia (1948)

Totò Al Giro D’Italia is about the 1948 edition of the Giro d’Italia, in which Professor Totò sells his soul to the devil in order to win the love of the bella Doriana. She agrees to marry him only if he can win the national bicycle race, calculating that this is an impossibility, but one stage after another he defeats all great cycling champions of that time (Coppi, Bartali, Schotte, Kubler, Bobet, Magni, et al). Read More »

Mario Mattoli – Un turco napoletano AKA Neapolitan Turk [+Extra] (1953)

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Based on a stage play by Eduardo Scarpetta, Il Turco Napoletano is retooled into a vehicle for Italian comedian Toto. The star plays a girl-happy dolt who assumes the identity of a missing Turkish gentleman. With stolen identification papers, the oafish impostor enters the home of a wealthy man who’d hired the Turk to protect his wife and daughter. What our hero doesn’t know–but everybody else does–is that the real Turk is a eunuch. To avoid the scissors of the censors, Il Turco Napoletano is presented as a play-within-a-play, so it isn’t really happening after all. The film was lensed by Oscar-winning Hollywood cinematographer Karl Struss. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Read More »