Mark Goodall

  • Mark Goodall – Sweet & Savage: The World Through The Shockumentary Film Lens (2006)

    2001-2010BooksMark Goodall

    The Back Cover wrote:
    Mondo Cane in 1962 was the blueprint for a shocking, controversial and influential documentary film cycle. Known collectively as “mondo films” or “shockumentaries,” this enduring series of films is a precursor of the reality TV show.

    A box-office draw for three decades and now a staple of the video rental market, these explosive “exposés” would often pass fabricated scenes as fact in order to give the public a sensationalist, highly emotive view of the world.

    Sweet & Savage is the first-ever English-language book devoted exclusively to the mondo documentary film. A study of mondo as a global film phenomenon, it includes a detailed examination of the key films and includes exclusive interviews with the godfathers of this cult genre.Read More »

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