Mark Lapore

  • Mark Lapore – The Glass System (2000)

    1991-2000DocumentaryExperimentalMark LaporeUSA

    The Glass System, made from images shot in New York and Calcutta, looks at life as it is played out in the streets. Every corner turned reveals activities both simple and unfamiliar: a knife sharpener on a bicycle; a tiny tightrope walker; a man selling watches in front of a department store on Fifth Avenue; a hauntingly slow portrait of the darting eyes of schoolgirls on their way home; the uncompleted activities of a young contortionist. The sound in the film (which is from a Bengali primer written by British missionaries) is a meditation on how the English language teaches ideas about culture which are often incongruous. The disjunction between what you hear and what you see evokes reflections about the impact of globalization and the hegemony of Western-style capitalism.Read More »

  • Philip S. Solomon, Mark Lapore – Crossroad (2005)

    2001-2010ExperimentalMark LaporePhilip S. SolomonShort FilmUSA

    Machinima film made by Phil Solomon and MarK LaPore briefly before his death.Read More »

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