Marshall Smith

  • Marshall Smith – Satan’s Bed (1965)

    1961-1970CrimeExploitationMarshall SmithMichael FindlayUSA

    The same year the The Beatles? second film, HELP!, premiered,
    John Lennon?s future soul mate, avant-garde artist Yoko Ono, made her
    acting debut in the twisted sickie SATAN’S BED. Ono, in a kimono, plays
    the Japanese bride-to-be of a drug smuggling immigration agent who
    wants to abandon crime crime for life with Yoko. But Lou, a small-time
    drug dealer, doesn’t want to lose his main supplier so he cancels the
    wedding by kidnapping Ono. And when he also hires three psychos –
    Snake, Dip, and Angel – to rough her up, they create a mini-crimewave
    that culminates in a wild attack upon… the wrong woman. Oy. So join
    Yoko for a typical day in Sin City that starts when you climb under the
    sheets of SATAN?S BED!Read More »

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