Martin Fric

  • Martin Fric – Zivot je pes AKA A Dog’s Life (1933)

    1931-1940ClassicsComedyCzech RepublicMartin Fric

    Young music composer Viktor Honzl in vain looks for work. He is prevented from committing suicide by a technician of the gasworks who shortly beforehand has disconnected his gas due to past due bills. In the disguise of an older, serious, musical scholar Viktor obtains work in a music publishing house. So he may court Eva, publisher Durdys’s daughter, who he likes quite a bit, he recommends to the owner that he also employ his nephew. Understandably, this is he himself, in his every-day form. For Viktor, however, this becomes an extremely complicated situation as he switches in the place of business from the clothes of the uncle and then back again from the clothes of Viktor the nephew.Read More »

  • Martin Fric – Capkovy povidky AKA Capek’s Tales (1947)

    1941-1950ClassicsCrimeCzech RepublicMartin Fric

    Martin Fric composed several Karel Capek’s Tales in the form of story telling of train passengers. They include three tales from the book “Tales from One Pocket”: “Propuštěný” (Released), “Poslední soud” (The Last Judgment) and “Ukradený spis” (The Stolen Document); and two tales from the book “Tales from the Other Pocket”: “Balada o Juraji Čupovi” (Ballad about Juraj Cup) a “Případ s dítětem” (The Case of Baby).Read More »

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