Martín Rejtman

  • Federico León & Martín Rejtman – Entrenamiento elemental para actores (2009)

    Stanislavski has nothing on Sergio, who leads experimental acting workshops for the grade school set. This comedy will forever change the way you look at child actors.Read More »

  • Martín Rejtman – Silvia Prieto (1999)

    A minimalist deadpan comedy involving drifting characters and objects, this film focuses on Silvia Prieto, a rather unexceptional young woman who on her 27th birthday resolves to make some changes in her life — changes that bring out a few eccentricities. When she discovers that there are other women who share her name, she develops a bizarre obsession with the “other” Silvia Prieto, an obsession that involves unraveling the riddle of her own identity. Silvia Prieto is a meditation on what it means, or doesn’t mean, to be yourself. —Anthology Film ArchivesRead More »

  • Martín Rejtman – Los Guantes Mágicos AKA The Magic Gloves (2003)

    Alejandro is a taxi driver about thirty- five years is suddenly in the midst of separations, violent weather changes, sudden wealth and characters who want to return to Argentina.Read More »

  • Martín Rejtman – Dos disparos AKA Two Shots Fired (2014)

    One early morning, at the beginning of a very hot summer, Mariano, a 17-year-old teenager, returns home, jumps into the pool and does some laps with a stopwatch. Then he gets out and mows the lawn, where he accidentally cuts the mower’s power cord when he runs over it. Set on fixing it, he goes to find tools but stumbles across a gun that he brings back to his room to shoot himself twice. Read More »

  • Martín Rejtman – Shakti (2019)

    Federico, in his mid-20s, lives alone in Buenos Aires. The day his grandmother dies, he decides to part with his girlfriend. He fears hurting her. However, she is laid-back, feisty and not even close to feeling hurt. He begins obsessing over her unexpected reaction—but then he meets someone else. Condensing all the fine irony, absurdist humour, and unassuming warmth that defines Martín Rejtman work into only 19 minutes, Shakti is a delightful minimalist gem.Read More »

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