Marva Nabili

  • Marva Nabili – Nightsongs (1982)

    Marva Nabili1981-1990DramaUSA
    Nightsongs (1982)
    Nightsongs (1982)

    NIGHTSONGS was made in New York’s Chinatown and explores experiences of exile with suitable restraint. The cramped apartment of a family of Chinese immigrants is visited by their Chinese-Vietnamese cousin, who becomes the silent witness of the difficulties of the individual family members, whose lives are marked by harsh working conditions and their fight for recognition. NIGHTSONGS is structured by the letters that this new arrival in the US writes to her husband, who is looking for their missing children in a refugee camp.Read More »

  • Marva Nabili – Khake Sar Beh Morh AKA The Sealed Soil (1977)

    1971-1980DramaIranMarva NabiliThe Female Gaze

    Made surreptitiously in 1977 just as the Ayatollah Khomeini regime was coming to power, a rough cut of ‘The Sealed Soil” was smuggled out of Iran by the director in a false-bottomed suitcase, and taken to the U.S., where che completed her final cut. The film has never been seen in IranRead More »

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