Maurice Dugowson

  • Maurice Dugowson – Lily, aime-moi AKA Lily, Love Me (1975)

    Maurice Dugowson1971-1980ComedyCultFrance
    Lily, aime moi (1975)
    Lily, aime moi (1975)

    Everything involving Patrick Dewaere is pretty cultish, i guess, but i must confess it is a bit of a default category here : arthouse / drama / romance / comedy / politics…none of those really fit in my book…this is one of those bittersweet social satires like they used to do in 70s french cinema…above all, this is a buddy movie / road movie, with a factory worker, a journalist, and a boxer :
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  • Maurice Dugowson – F comme Fairbanks AKA F as in Fairbanks (1976)

    1971-1980ComedyDramaFranceMaurice Dugowson

    André Fragman (baptised “Fairbanks” by his cinema projectionist father) returns from his military service with a diploma in chemistry. He expects to have no trouble finding a job, since a relative of his, Etienne, has promised him a place in his company. Meanwhile, André meets and falls in love with a student actress, Marie, who is rehearsing for a stage production of Alice in Wonderland. When André’s promised job fails to materialise, he ends up having to take manual work, but he has difficulty holding down any job he can find. Frustrated, his mood changes for the worse, and he ends up driving away Marie…Read More »

  • Maurice Dugowson – Au Revoir à Lundi aka Bye, See You Monday [English Dub] (1979)

    1971-1980CanadaDramaMaurice DugowsonRomance

    Bye, See You Monday is a French Canadian relationship drama based on a novel by Roger Fournier. Miou-Miou and Carole Laure star as a pair of attractive young housemates. Both ladies are involved with married men. Both approach these delicate relationships in different fashion and both learn a little something about what happens when one plays with fire. Au Revoir a Lundi, was filmed in 1979, but withheld from general release until the 1981 Moscow Film Festival.Read More »

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