Maxime Martinot

  • Maxime Martinot – Olho animal (2022)

    France2021-2030ComedyExperimentalMaxime Martinot

    “This is the story of a dog who makes films. Or a filmmaker who is a dog. In a series of return trips between Brittany and Lisbon, the protagonist tries to create a filmed animal diary. On the road to Lisbon, he talks with a Portuguese producer, to attempt to show all the sincerity of the canine gaze in his film. An extensive consideration of the thousand-year-old interdependency between humans and dogs thus develops through the prism of ethology and film. In particular, he calls on the history of cinema, from which he unearths hundreds of film excerpts featuring dogs, who become perfect heroes and actors when they find themselves alone in a shot. In this second feature-length film, Maxime Martinot makes a resolutely film-and-dog-loving animal comedy, a profound and cheerful reflection at the heart of our images of the human and animal condition. And if there had to be a conclusion, perhaps it could be this: humans do not deserve dogs.”
    Aurélien Marsais, Visions du RéelRead More »

  • Maxime Martinot – Les Antilopes AKA Antelopes (2020)

    2011-2020ExperimentalFranceMaxime MartinotPolitics

    ‘One day, on the Moroccan shores, one hundred and fifty years ago, thousands of antelopes together threw themselves into the sea.’ – Marguerite DurasRead More »

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