Maya Da-Rin

  • Maya Da-Rin – A Febre AKA The Fever (2019)

    2011-2020ArthouseBrazilDramaMaya Da-Rin

    The Brazilian filmmaker Maya Da-Rin has garnered attention for her documentaries Terras (2009) and Margem (2007), both shot in the Amazon region. Now, she is back with her fiction debut, an enigmatic film capable to explore the mystery of the Amazon forrest to create a dream-like atmosphere that impregnates the viewer like a burning fever. In it, Justino (Regis Myrupu), a middle-aged member of the indigenous Desana people in Brazil, begins to come down with a vague illness while working as a security guard at a shipyard in Manaus. His daughter Vanessa (Rosa Peixoto) is preparing to leave her father to study medicine in Brasilia. The two are caught between their family’s past in the Amazon and their present in an urbanizing Amazon.Read More »

  • Maya Da-Rin – A Febre (2019)

    2011-2020BrazilDramaMaya Da-Rin

    A middle-aged native widower in Brazil, Justino lives his life according to set patterns. He puts in long shifts as a security guard in the Port of Manaus, then returns to the Amazon where he lives with his family. When his daughter says she wants to study in Brasilia, Justino’s regular life gradually becomes disrupted. His pain manifests itself in the form of a mysterious fever.Read More »

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