Mehmet Güleryüz

  • Mehmet Güleryüz – Havar AKA Scream (2009)

    Drama2001-2010Mehmet GüleryüzTurkey

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    A young woman may be forced to pay with her life for an innocent mistake in this drama from director Mehmet Guleryuz. Havar, meaning ‘cry for help’ in Kurdish, is the name of the young female protagonist living in the remote Turkish village of Batman, notorious for its honour killings. Havar (Cicek Tekdemir) is a teenager living in a rural community in Turkey with her family. One day, Havar is sent down to the river to wash the family’s clothes, and while scrubbing the laundry her scarf slips off. A boy named Sedat (Edip Dogan) hands it to her, and while there was nothing untoward in this act, Havar’s grandmother is certain this is a sign of some sort of inappropriate behavior. Word circulates through the village that Havar’s virtue has been compromised, and her father Osama (Abdullah Tarhan) receives word from his brother (Ramazan Ilten) that his son is backing out of his arranged marriage to Havar after hearing the rumors.Read More »

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