Mel Welles

  • Mel Welles – Die grosse Treibjagd (1968)

    Mel Welles1961-1970ActionDramaGermany
    Die grosse Treibjagd (1968)
    Die grosse Treibjagd (1968)

    After the war in Congo, two mercenaries take a mission to safeguard uranium transportation in a South American jungle, fighting bandits and local miners.Read More »

  • Mel Welles & Aureliano Luppi – La figlia di Frankenstein AKA Lady Frankenstein (1971)

    1971-1980Aureliano LuppiCampHorrorItalyMel Welles

    Co-produced by Roger Corman, “one of the most underrated horror movies of all time” (Classic Horror) features ultra-lurid direction by American-International star Mel Welles (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS) from a story by by Dick Randall (PIECES), distinctive cinematography by Riccardo Pallottini (CASTLE OF BLOOD) and score by Alessando Alessandroni (THE DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE), a cast that includes Hollywood legend Joseph Cotten (CITIZEN KANE) alongside EuroCult icons Paul Müller (NIGHTMARE CASTLE), Herbert Fux (MARK OF THE DEVIL), Marino Masé (TENEBRAE) and Mickey Hargitay (BLOODY PIT OF HORROR), and a titular performance by the remarkable Rosalba Neri (THE DEVIL’S LOVER) for whom “only the monster she made could satisfy her strange desires!”Read More »

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