Michael Anderson

  • Michael Anderson – Millennium (1989)

    Michael Anderson1981-1990Sci-FiThrillerUSA
    Millennium (1989)
    Millennium (1989)

    Whilst investigating a plane crash, a government official meets a strange woman and they spend the night together, but the next day the woman vanishes. Her identity is entwined with the strange object found at the crash site, which she returns for and then vanishes in a bright light.Read More »

  • Michael Anderson – The Naked Edge (1961)

    Michael Anderson1961-1970ClassicsThrillerUnited Kingdom
    The Naked Edge (1961)
    The Naked Edge (1961)

    After a man is murdered and a large sum of money disappears from an office, Donald Heath (Ray McAnally) is convicted of the crime based on the testimony of his colleague, George Radcliffe (Gary Cooper). George’s wife, Martha (Deborah Kerr), starts to become suspicious of her husband when, after the crime, he invests money in a business venture and begins to act strangely. When a blackmailing letter arrives from Jeremy Gray (Eric Portman), Martha risks her life to find out the truth.Read More »

  • Michael Anderson – The Dam Busters (1955)

    1951-1960ClassicsMichael AndersonUnited KingdomWar

    The story of the conception of a new British weapon for smashing the German dams in the Ruhr industrial complex and the execution of the raid by 617 Squadron ‘The Dam Busters’.Read More »

  • Michael Anderson – Conduct Unbecoming (1975)

    1971-1980CrimeMichael AndersonMysteryUnited Kingdom

    A company of British soldiers in colonial India is shaken when the widow of their most honored hero is assaulted. A young officer must defend a fellow lieutenant from the charges in an unusual court-martial, while investigating the deepening mystery behind the attack.Read More »

  • Michael Anderson – Operation Crossbow (1965)

    1961-1970ActionMichael AndersonUnited KingdomWar

    London officials learn of a plan by Nazis to create new, more destructive missiles during World War II. Working quickly to stop the potentially catastrophic movement, the prime minister calls for an immediate investigation. Three experts (George Peppard, Jeremy Kemp, Tom Courtenay) are instructed to enter Germany and inspect a plant that is believed to hold the explosives. The men pose as German soldiers in a mission that may save England, but not without consequences.Read More »

  • Michael Anderson – Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)

    1951-1960ClassicsComedyMichael AndersonUSA

    A classic Jules Verne adaptation.
    English nobleman Phileas Fogg, a very strict and emotionless man, gets
    wound up in a bet at his gentlemen’s club: He has to prove that it is
    possible to travel around the whole world in only 80 days. Together with
    his new butler Passepartout, who expected a different first day at work,
    he takes off instantly to Paris, where they miss the train to
    Marseilles. But a travel agent called Thomas Cook offers them his
    captive balloon, which carries them to Spain instead. Passepartout’s
    skills are necessary in a bullfight in order to get them a ship that
    should take them back onto their planned route. Read More »

  • Michael Anderson – Chase a Crooked Shadow (1958)

    1951-1960Michael AndersonMysteryThrillerUnited Kingdom



    Why has total stranger Richard Todd shown up at the villa of wealthy Anne Baxter? Why does he claim to be her long-lost brother? Is Todd planning to finagle Baxter out of her inheritance? Is someone going to end up seriously dead? The answers to these questions can be found in Chase a Crooked Shadow, a confounding chiller with more than a few adroit plot twists. Before the film has run its course, we learn that the true villain is not necessarily whom it appears to be–nor is the heroine all that she seems.Read More »

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