Michael Findlay

  • Michael Findlay – Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)

    1971-1980CultHorrorMichael FindlayUSAWomen Make Horror

    Anthropology professor, Dr. Prell, has invited his class to a remote cabin in the mountains to research the mythical Abominable Snowman. Soon after they arrive, strange events begin to befall the students, including sightings of a huge, white, furry creature. When several members of the group go missing, only to be discovered dead; their bodies horribly mangled, fears mount that the legendary monster is very real and out for blood…but is everything as simple as it appears?Read More »

  • Michael Findlay – The Ultimate Degenerate (1969)

    1961-1970ExploitationHorrorMichael FindlayQueer Cinema(s)USA

    From imdb:
    Starts out as if this is going to be one of Findlay’s better efforts and certainly the performances are bright enough and the voice over/lip sync works well enough, this just loses it about two thirds through. I don’t know whether it was the umpteenth use of whipped cream or the over enthusiastic use of corn on the cob, but after being fairly well paced and well shot with decent sexy action, this treads water as if everyone had run out of ideas or possibly a certain someone had a penchant for the aforementioned activities and wanted nothing else. It’s a shame because the first use of the cream being spurted over the nude psychedelic dancers is most effective as was the initial dealings with the phallic vegetable. Lots of oddities and some really good moments just spoiled by the over indulgent final quarter or so.Read More »

  • Marshall Smith – Satan’s Bed (1965)

    1961-1970CrimeExploitationMarshall SmithMichael FindlayUSA

    The same year the The Beatles? second film, HELP!, premiered,
    John Lennon?s future soul mate, avant-garde artist Yoko Ono, made her
    acting debut in the twisted sickie SATAN’S BED. Ono, in a kimono, plays
    the Japanese bride-to-be of a drug smuggling immigration agent who
    wants to abandon crime crime for life with Yoko. But Lou, a small-time
    drug dealer, doesn’t want to lose his main supplier so he cancels the
    wedding by kidnapping Ono. And when he also hires three psychos –
    Snake, Dip, and Angel – to rough her up, they create a mini-crimewave
    that culminates in a wild attack upon… the wrong woman. Oy. So join
    Yoko for a typical day in Sin City that starts when you climb under the
    sheets of SATAN?S BED!Read More »

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