Michael Gordon

  • Michael Gordon – An Act of Murder (1948)

    1941-1950CrimeDramaMichael GordonUSA

    A hard-line judge is tempted toward mercy-killing by his wife’s terminal cancer.

    I find it interesting that An Act of Murder, The Third Man (Carol Reed), Obsession (Edward Dmytryk), The Set-Up (Robert Wise), Act of Violence (Fred Zinneman), House of Strangers (Joseph Mankiewicz) and Without Honor (Irving Pichel) were all in the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 1949 – about one quarter of the competition were films that show up these days on classic film noir lists.Read More »

  • Michael Gordon – The Lady Gambles (1949)

    1941-1950DramaFilm NoirMichael GordonUSA

    When Joan Boothe accompanies husband-reporter David to Las Vegas, she begins gambling to pass the time while he is doing a story. Encouraged by the casino manager, she gets hooked on gambling, to the point where she “borrows” David’s expense money to pursue her addiction. This finally breaks up their marriage, but David continues trying to help her.Read More »

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