Michael Schultz

  • Michael Schultz – Cooley High (1975)

    1971-1980ComedyDramaMichael SchultzUSA

    Set in the 1960s, Cooley High is a slice-of-life tale of high school students coping with the challenges of every day life growing up in the Chicago housing projects. “Preach” (Glynn Turman) and “Cochise” (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs) are two black high school students, and best friends, who see their lives irrevocably changed by circumstances in the dramatic-comedy Cooley High.Read More »

  • Michael Schultz – Car Wash [+Extras] (1976)

    USA1971-1980ComedyMichael Schultz

    It’s just a typical day in the lives of the employees, customers, and passersby of a Los Angeles car wash. There’s a would-be robbery…an assembly line of the weirdest, baddest, shadiest characters you’ve ever met, and lots of ’70s music to pass the hours till quitting time. Featuring outrageously hilarious performances by George Carlin, Professor Irwin Corey, the Pointer Sisters, and Richard Pryor as Daddy Rich–a flamboyant reverend who preaches the goodness of the dollar–Car Wash is a timeless classic celebrating an era devoted to living life in the fast lane.Read More »

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