Michel Deville

  • Michel Deville & Charles Gérard – Une Balle dans le Canon AKA A Bullet in the Gun Barrel (1958)


    The story concerns a couple of ex-servicemen who engineer a robbery, only to run afoul of professional criminals.

    Dick et Tony, parachutistes rapatriés d’Indochine ont accepté de rendre un petit service au Maltais. Pour une commission de deux millions de francs, ils ont fait transiter 25 millions, mais au moment de rendre l’argent, le Maltais n’est pas là. Ils investissent alors cet argent dans une boîte de nuit.
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  • Michel Deville – Les petites demoiselles (1964)

    Synopsis: “Four young girls’ love of boys put their newly opened all-services company in peril.”Read More »

  • Michel Deville – Ce soir ou jamais AKA Tonight or Never (1961)

    ‘Laurent is a poster designer who is about to begin rehearsals for his first stage play, a musical comedy. To celebrate this auspicious event, he holds a party at his apartment, to which his best friends are all invited. News that the lead actress in Laurent’s play has been run over by a bus laden with Dutch tourists puts a damper on the evening, but Laurent wastes no time looking for a replacement, not knowing that his girlfriend Valérie covets the part. As Valérie’s dreams of stardom are crushed she realises that her relationship with Laurent is over – or so she thinks. Either way, the evening will prove decisive for them both…’
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  • Michel Deville – Le mouton enragé AKA Love at the Top (1974)


    Nicolas Mallet (Jean-Louis Trintignant, The Conformist), a naive bank clerk, meets Marie-Paule (Jane Birkin, Je Taime Moi Non Plus, Keep Your Right Up), a beautiful but lonely young girl, in a quiet corner of Paris. She smiles at him and he offers to buy her a drink. When she agrees, he assumes that his luck has finally changed. But when later on they rent a room in a cheap hotel, he discovers that she is a prostitute. Before they make love, he forces her to tell him that she came to the hotel because she truly wanted him.Read More »

  • Michel Deville – Le Dossier 51 (1978) (DVD)



    A long time ago, I went to see Michel Deville’s Le Dossier 51 knowing absolutely nothing about it. About 5 minutes in, I realized I had made a terrible mistake, and I started to plan my exit from the middle seat where I was trapped. 5 minutes later, I had become intrigued enough by the weird experiment I was watching to be distracted from that plan. About 100 minutes after that, as the lights came up, I was convinced I had just seen a masterpiece, a film that should be mentioned in the same breath as The Conversation and Blow Out.Read More »

  • Michel Deville – Nuit d’été en ville aka Summer Night in Town (1990)


    Review Summary

    As this film opens, Louis (Jean-Hughes Anglade) and Emilie (Marie Trintignant) have just finished making love. Emilie has brought him to her apartment for just that purpose. Theirs is a new relationship, and this is the first time they have made love together. Throughout the movie, naked and relaxed from this encounter, they chat about their lives, their previous lovers, their plans, they have small arguments and reconciliations, and they generally do what people do in those circumstances to get to know one another better. They also caress one another a great deal, preparatory to another bout of lovemaking (never shown). ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie GuideRead More »

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