Michel Houellebecq

  • Michel Houellebecq – La Possibilité d’une île AKA The Possibility of an Island (2008)

    Michel Houellebecq2001-2010DramaFrance
    La Possibilité d'une île (2008)
    La Possibilité d’une île (2008)

    The Possibility of an Island, based on a novel by Houllebecq himself in 2005, certainly has an intriguing enough concept: it reads like a disjointed surrealist take on science fiction — a post-apocalyptic mash-up of A Boy and His Dog, Solaris and The Holy Mountain, with cloning and bikini contests thrown in for good measure. Whether or not it will actually succeed is another matter; thus far, critics have not been kind. The Guardian’s Geoffrey MacNab sat down with Houllebecq to discuss the process of moviemaking, how it differs from writing, and whether or not he intends to contune on as a filmmaker. “Maybe it is a superficial motivation,” he says of filming many of the movie’s scenes in Andalucian Spain, “but I always go to the locations when I write a novel. In this case, some of the locations were so impressive that the idea for the film came from that…I enjoyed the preparation of the movie. I mean, the period immediately before the shooting when you choose everything, all the details. When you create the world.”Read More »

  • Michel Houellebecq – La Rivière (2001)

    2001-2010ArthouseEroticaFranceMichel Houellebecq


    Description: Couldn’t find any usable information about this lesbo-arcadian short by Michel Houellebecq around on the web, except that, following its release, endless accusation of misoginy ensued. Go figure.Read More »

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