Michel Soutter

  • Michel Soutter – Adam et Ève (1983)

    Michel Soutter1981-1990DramaRomanceSwitzerland

    Returning from work, Louis finds a letter from his wife saying their marriage is over. He’s just lost his mother, and now he’s lost his wife as well. Shaken, he tries to understand: why the illness? Why the separation?Read More »

  • Michel Soutter – Les nénuphars (1972)

    1971-1980DramaMichel SoutterPerformanceSwitzerland

    Arthur and Marcel, two firemen, keep boredom at bay by improvising on stage, one on a keyboard the other on drums, tunes, poems and songs. Carol arrives, in search of her lover Armand. Accompanied by the musicians, she sings of her strange loves and leaves. Then Armand turns up, in search of Carol, and the disturbing Cigare…Read More »

  • Michel Soutter – La lune avec les dents AKA The Moon with Teeth (1967)

    Drama1961-1970ArthouseMichel SoutterSwitzerland

    The international cinematic new wave came bursting into the Swiss cinema through the work of Michel Soutter, whose La lune avec les dents (The Moon with Teeth) became practically a manifesto of the movement. Michel Soutter was one of the first directors of New Swiss Cinema who has made fiction films and he cofounded the Groupe 5 with Tanner and Goretta. The film follows William, thirty-ish, out of work and looking for a new life after apparently having been thrown out of his previous one. He meets up with Noelle, who seems intrigued by his restlessness – until her economist boyfriend shows up. Yet plot details do little to convey the power of the film, which lay in its capturing the anarchic texture of William’s life – a life whose lack of direction was read as a rebuke of the Swiss myth of orderliness and self-satisfaction. Read More »

  • Michel Soutter – L’escapade (1974)

    1971-1980ArthouseComedyFranceMichel Soutter

    the AMG clerk wrote :
    “Auguste (Georges Wod) goes to a remote Swiss village for a meeting in the course of doing some research. Instead of meeting his informant there, he comes across a girl who has been thrown out of the house by her writer boyfriend; she is too distracting and he can’t work with her around…”Read More »

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