Mira Fornay

Mira Fornay – Listicky AKA Little Foxes (2009)

When Alžbeta decides to stay in Dublin only with the help of the strange and dark-minded Ducky, her past actions (connected with her older sister Martina and her fiancé Steve) come back with great intensity and the dark truth about two sisters is finally revealed. This is an immigrant story about jealousy, dependency, but mainly about sisters’ love and reunion Read More »

Mira Fornay – Cook Fuck Kill (2019)

Jaroslav K. seems to be a good son, father, and a decent husband. In reality, he is pathologically jealous of his beautiful wife Blanka, and his biggest nightmare is that she and their three kids might leave him one day. Jaroslav K. and his family do not shy away from violence and cheating, which eventually results in a tragedy. This drama about one strange family, scheming, and Jaroslav’s efforts to have his way utilizes computer games aesthetics. Read More »

Mira Fornay – Môj pes Killer AKA My Dog Killer (2013)

Marek has no real friends except his guard dog and hangs out with skinheads. When his dispirited mother reappears in his life, Marek faces a horrible predicament. An authentic and hypnotic chronicle of a sluggish existence always on the verge of explosion. Read More »