Mircea Daneliuc

  • Mircea Daneliuc – Iacob (1988)

    1981-1990ArthouseDramaMircea DaneliucRomania

    Iacob, a Transylvanian miner, is wrongly suspected of having stolen some gold. As punishment, he is transferred to another mine, farther away from his home. The effort is gruelling, the way home never-ending.Read More »

  • Mircea Daneliuc – Proba de microfon AKA Microphone Test (1980)

    1971-1980DramaMircea DaneliucRomania

    An uncompromising and prolific auteur whose battles with censorship during the Communist era are legendary, Mircea Daneliuc doubles as director and star of Microphone Test, a pivotal film in Romanian cinema and a direct reference point for the future New Wave. The film’s protagonist, Nelu (Daneliuc), is a TV cameraman who falls for Ani, one of his interview subjects for a feature on misdemeanour offenders who have been caught on trains without a ticket. Unemployed and without a fixed address, Ani is the quintessential undesirable, an outcast in a society rigidly controlled by state-imposed morals. As Nelu finds himself torn between his casual but stable relationship with his colleague Luiza and his intense attraction to Ani, Microphone Test paints a raw and heart-wrenching portrait of personal liberation versus social(ist) conformity.Read More »

  • Mircea Daneliuc – Glissando (1982)

    Drama1981-1990ArthouseMircea DaneliucRomania

    In the ’30s a man is obsessed with a painting of a woman that reminds him of his long-lost mother. He models his girlfriend exactly after the woman in the painting and after she attempts to commit suicide she is committed into a sanatoriumRead More »

  • Mircea Daneliuc – Legiunea straina aka The Foreign Legion (2008)

    2001-2010ComedyMircea DaneliucRomania


    Plot / Synopsis

    For many years, three Romanian village boys, Stelica, Aurel and Mitu, have remained the closest of friends. In their youths, they planned to pursue careers as shepherds, but in time their individual paths diverged – leading Mitu into the military, Stelica into the local police force and Aurel into the employ of Maricel, a wealthy resident of the community. The men’s worlds change forever when a newcomer arrives in the hamlet – a young woman named Lilica, accompanied by Maricel. She’s toting two trucks full of Dutch chickens with her, which inadvertently spreads the bird flu to much of the local populace. The boys, however, soon realize how they can ingeniously turn this potential crisis into a solid profit-making venture for themselves.Read More »

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